Wood Countertops

Connecticut Soapstone installs wood countertops for projects across Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. As Connecticut’s premier countertop supplier, we’ll ensure that your countertop project exceeds your expectations.

With the kitchen increasingly considered to be the centerpiece of a home, consumers want custom, premium design elements to create a high end look and feel. Exotic woods are excellent contrasts to the stainless steel, clear glass and natural stone commonly found in modern kitchens, softening their overall appearance with traditional, timeless appeal. As a result, the use of exotic wood in countertops has seen resurgence in recent years.

The natural design and sustainability of wood countertops make them an attractive choice for many homeowners.


Each wood countertop is unique with textures showing “movement” and a combination of distinct shapes that bring a more complete look to any project. The countertop is also more naturally warm than stone countertops and can range from 1¼ to 15 inches thick!


Wood countertops are largely made from wood that is not being overharvested or currently endangered. This sustainable practice allows you to truly appreciate the elegant countertop before you.


The many types of wood allow you to complete your kitchen at both cheaper and more expensive options.

What We Offer

Striking effects:
  • Grain, colors, and textures showing “movement”.
  • Unique corners sing grain direction
  • Eye-catching combination of:
    • Color and tone sing different wood varieties
    • Distinct shapes with complex edge profiles
    • Contrast and balance using other surface materials
Flexible design options:
  • Large islands (up to 16’ long and over 7’ wide) without seams
  • Thicknesses from 1¼” to as much as 15”
  • Unsupported overhangs of 15” to even 30”
  • Carved inside corners to achieve a true furniture look

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