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Connecticut Soapstone fabricates and installs Quartz countertops and vanities for commercial and residential projects across Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. As Connecticut’s premier quartz countertop supplier, we’ll ensure that your countertop project exceeds your expectations.

Quartz is a naturally hard and scratch-resistant stone. As a result, quartz is an extremely strong and highly popular choice for countertops. The manufacturing process for quartz surfaces creates a product that doesn’t crack and resists moisture and bacteria. Although quartz is a natural stone product, manufacturers add pigments to raw quartz, creating an endless array of colors. The results help to ensure that the stone on your counters has the same color and textures as the material you chose from the manufacturer’s display.

Many qualities of quartz make it ideal for both residential and commercial projects:

Low Maintenance

Cleaning quartz countertops is simple.  Any common household cleaners or even just soap and water will work perfectly.


Quartz is extremely durable and less susceptible to cracks or scratches, making it ideal for high traffic commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, and more.

Stain Resistant

Liquids, and even acids, cannot penetrate quartz and blemish the surface. This ensures that your countertop is pristine and clean even in highly trafficked areas such as kitchens or commercial serving counters.

Food Safe

Many quartz brands are certified by NSF International for use as a food preparation surface as they are totally non-porous, making cleanups easy and preventing food and moisture from penetrating its surface—the main source of harmful bacteria growth.


Quartz is a perfect fit for both residential and commercial applications where color and durability is a must. The wide spectrum of full, vibrant colors that only quartz can deliver can bring the look or style you are looking for to any project.


Quartz’s vivid colors, design flexibility, and high durability ensure that it will remain the central piece of any project for years to come.

Quartz slab brands we fabricate and install


With Cambria, you’ll discover the warmth and richness that can only be found in natural quartz surfaces.  Cambria marries elegance and beauty with functionality and lasting durability. With a palette of dazzling colors showcasing the depth and character of natural quartz, you’ll see why more and more homeowners ask for Cambria by name.


HanStone is an innovative new product that combines natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials, with high quality polymer resin and pigment to produce a durable yet luxurious stone surface. HanStone sources various types, sizes and colors of quartz crystals from around the world, which provide the desired hue, feel and design, and capture the spirit and essence of natural colors.


DuPont Zodiaq is 93% pure quartz crystal, which gives this surface a natural depth and radiance without the imperfections common in unimproved stone. And because quartz is one of nature’s strongest materials, Zodiaq is also incredibly durable and resists both heat and scratches. Custom-fit to your exact specifications and virtually maintenance free — Zodiaq is perfect for your home, naturally.

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